Our mission is to bring awareness of human sex trafficking to our local communities and beyond. Some of our goals are: Organizing and hosting annual Running For Justice 5k’s; putting on Community Cafe Conversations wherever we are invited; hosting conferences; training hotel staff and other businesses where there is high risk for trafficking; networking with students and staff within our schools to bring awareness for prevention of trafficking and giving resources in the event of trafficking or exploitation; coming alongside of organizations that are bringing preventative measures to children and youth such as those helping the homeless and sexually abused, and informing the public as a whole!

At least 10% of the proceeds from the event will go to DTN Ministries, a 501c(3) tax exempt organization, committed to establishing safe homes for young children who are at risk of being, “trafficked” or have been rescued from human trafficking and sex slavery. DTN Ministries,as of last year, has established the second of many homes to care for these children in Northern Thailand!!!

Running For Justice has their 501c3 tax exempt status, as of March 17th, 2015, so your giving is tax deductible! If you run the 5k you need to take off the fair value price of the run (the IRS calls the race a service) which is $25.00 per person. Anything after that is deductible. If you just give and do not run it is all deductible. We will only send a tax receipt if your giving is $75.00 or more.

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How big of an issue is human trafficking?

The United Nations has recently declared that,” Human Trafficking,” is now the second largest source of income for organized crime, worldwide. A 32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work. According to the U.N. about 2.5 million people around the world are ensnared in the web of human trafficking at any given time. Each year an estimated 800,000 (of the 32 billion) women and children, within national or international borders are sex trafficked for the purpose of forced sex work. Commercial sex exploitation includes pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls. (boys and men, too, but the numbers are much smaller) Some sex trafficking is highly visible, such as street prostitution, but many trafficked victims remain unseen, operating out of unmarked brothels in unsuspecting—and sometimes suburban—neighborhoods. Sex traffickers may also operate out of a variety of public and private locations, such as massage parlors, spas, and strip clubs. View more facts about human trafficking here.


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